CEDIMED — a UX Driven Case Study


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Why Re-design

  • I have a real project that I can work on from start and a great platform to test my ideas & experiments.
  • This is a great boost to my career as a starting UX Designer.
  • Having a client (who’s a close relative of mine), I could understand the requirements clearly & talk with him whenever needed.
  • I could finally go-about making a website by following the UX Methodology step-by-step.


Old Website

Limitation / Restriction

  • Firstly, CEDIMED is a starting new company. Therefore, it does not have the perks that an already well-established company would have. For eg: credibility or user-trust or market-awareness. That is why you won’t find any review section or testimonial anywhere in the site.
  • Second, only the core needed parts of the website have been re-designed. The purpose of this re-design was to pitch a design direction and layout to proceed forward with. But having said that, the designed pages are sufficient enough to understand the scope and goal of the site.

UX Stages Tackled

1. Interview

2. Personas

Three user Personas: a Doctor, a Salesman & a businessman

3. Content Hierarchy / Management


  • It’s a widely adopted pattern, meaning the users will be familiar with it.
  • It is easily distinguishable.
  • The line-height is such that it does not stress the eyes or your cognitive load.



  • Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability.
  • Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world.

Design Language

1. Designed for end-users

2. Design Elements

3. Data-Driven Design

4. Heuristics

5. UI Decisions

  • The website is clean. There are no unwanted elements anywhere. Only sufficient elements and content is presented whenever applicable. This ensures fast & smooth navigation.
  • The website is oddly static. There are no animations or unwanted interactions. As the user’s values time, the information needs to be displayed as soon as possible & if the network is slow, there could be a shimmer effect just so that the user would understand intuitively that this is where the content is going to appear & prepare for the same.
  • There is no excess or lack of information. All the content displayed had information that is enough for a user who has little knowledge about the product presented in a simple fashion and for an expert to browse through as well.
  • The design is a combination of flat & material design. The design follows a rigid approach with sharper cards and elements so as to give off a corporate feel (and not with extra-round corners..)
  • I recently came to know the value of Negative space and how much of an impact it has on the user’s attention and focus on what’s essential for them. CEDIMED re-design also implements the same.

6. Responsiveness


Landing screen — HomePage
Product Section — HomePage
Download Section — HomePage
Contact Us Section — HomePage

Product View — All

Search & Categories — Product (all)
Product Card

Product — View Details

  • On the first scroll, the user is presented with the short text & a short video describing the product. This will clear any doubts he may have at this point.
  • If he still likes to explore further, he can scroll again & view the medicine composition and detailed methods and indications, all presented in 1-liners.

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