This is a case study that I had taken to incorporate some of my recent studies and realizations of an appropriate design approach that I got to know by many amazing articles on Medium over the past few months. I shall link the articles that have helped me wherever I talk about it. It is also a UX driven project and I got to test so many ideas and approaches that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the many great design communities out there.

This is an article of a quick UI/UX task that was designed as an assignment for a company I was applying for. The challenge was to re-design an existing voucher application that allows the users to seamlessly browse and redeem vouchers based on their interests. The whole process took no longer than 6 quite hours. I shall explain the design decision and the reasons taken to finish the app as well.

Here is the link to Behance project:



Plum is a rewards redemption platform subscribed to by organisations and used by their employees.

Use Case: BioQuest gives its employees reward points for special occasions (Birthday, Anniversary)

This is a post regarding a task I was given with while applying for a UX Designer role. The task was to be handed over in 3 days time. I thought I could share my journey of how I went from a blank mind to a fully working High Fidelity Mock-up and document each step on the way. Hope this helps somebody out there.

I. The Challenge

Millions of animals are currently in shelters and foster homes awaiting adoption.

Design an experience that will connect people looking for a new pet with their ideal companion (mobile and tablet views).

Provide a high-level flow…

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